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ZLÍN ROBOTICS® is a specialist in industrial automation and robotics. The company originated from the development department of TNS SERVIS, where more than 40 cases of industrial automation and robotics have been implemented since 2011. The experience from the implemented projects was transferred to an ever-growing team. We look at our work as much as possible from the client's point of view.

After all, the ability to look further reflects the company's motto: Where others end, that's where we start.

Our know-how allows us to solve a wide range of projects for customers not only in the electronics industry but also in automotive and other fields. We focus not only on the actual implementation of the project, but one of the key activities is to bring to the process effective rationalization and overall return on investment in automation.

In 2018, we received an award in the Innovation Company of the Zlín Region competition. The jury awarded our Universal Mobile Stand for collaborative robots. Thanks to it, robots can be used efficiently in multiple workplaces and easily moved. It fully cooperates with the machine environment and also looks good. This stand is also popular with our clients.

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+420 573 034 358

K Teplinám 619, 76315 Slušovice, Česká republika.
CRN: 06594727, VAT Reg. No.: CZ06594727
Společnost zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Krajským soudem v Brně, spisová značka C103090

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